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What Our Clients Say About Us

5- Stars rewiew

“New to the neighborhood, didn’t know who to call. Tom came almost immediately…resolved our problem AND went above and beyond. Will definitely use him again if we need.”

Nancy F.

5- Stars rewiew

“Tom came to treat our yard for mosquitoes and ticks. Haven’t seen any since! Very friendly, timely, and professional. We’ve used franchise pest control companies in the past, but got better results working with Potter Pest.”

Steve S.

5- Stars rewiew

“Tom did a lovely job treating my yard for mosquitos and ticks for my dog while being mindful of my vegetable garden. Now our family can enjoy the yard without being bitten!”

Easther K.

5- Stars rewiew

“Tom helped me out with a rodent problem I recently had. He was quick to come and diagnose the situation and charged way less than the other services I called. He’s a true professional.”

Will C.

5- Stars rewiew

“Found a bug in my daughter’s room late on a Friday night. Didn’t know what it was. It was on her headboard. So she took a picture of it and we looked it up and it was a bed bug! Ahhh! Found Tom on line, called him that night. He picked up and told us he will come out Saturday (the next day) to inspect it. Well, he found the source of the problem which was her mattress that was not old at all. Him and my husband carefully got rid of the mattress, the box spring and the bed frame. We ordered all new stuff for her. I asked him how could we have gotten BED BUGS! I clean the sheets and beddings once a week. My house is spotless! He said they are very smart bugs. But one way that he said that stuck out to me was, School and the school bus. Ahhh! He explained how he was going to treat the areas and he went over it 100 times since I was a mess. Such a patient and kind man. He came back Monday treated her room, ensured us that nothing was left in her room since we found the problem so early. He wants to come back in a few weeks just to check on things.

I can’t express how grateful we are. Tom was efficient, great work ethic, patient and kind! I HIGHLY recommend him!!”

Sandy K.

5- Stars rewiew

“Tom is a gem! We had a stubborn ant problem he was quick to solve. We have since signed on for a yearly contract. NO jumping crickets, mice, spiders or ants. He is so professional and knowledgeable! He answers calls promptly and comes immediately if we have a concern. Amazing service!! Don’t hesitate to call him!”

Pamela M.

5- Stars rewiew

“Thomas is reliable and extremely knowledgeable. He really knows his stuff! Pricing is fair and he shows up when he says! I would recommend him 100%! ”

Kelly B.

5- Stars rewiew

“Potter Pest is the best! Tom is a true professional who takes his job seriously and cares about his clients. He is informative and easy to deal with. I highly highly recommend him! ”

Jodi P.

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