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Rodent Identification and Extermination

Rodent Identification and Extermination

Rodent Control Services for Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey

In New Jersey, rodents typically begin entering homes and commercial properties during the fall because the food source of seeds and plants they usually feed on starts disappearing.

Because of their size, mice can fit through small cracks making it easy to enter your home. Unfortunately, in addition to being a nuisance that can destroy structures and appliances, they can contaminate your food and other household items. It is tempting to try DIY ways of getting rid of them, but depending on the product, it can be ineffective or even dangerous to your health. Potter Pest Control has developed practical solutions to remove mice safely and permanently from your home or business for good!

Mice and Rat Extermination for Jersey Shore Businesses and Commercial Properties

Mice and rats are not only destructive pests and dangerous to health, but one sighting of a rodent in or around your Jersey Shore business could have destructive consequences to your reputation.

That is why Potter Pest believes early identification of rodent intruders is essential. Before it gets to the point where guests spot droppings, hear mice in the walls, or worse, see them, let us help! When you suspect you may have an unwanted guest, give the professionals at Potter Pest a call to schedule a thorough inspection of your property. We will develop extermination solutions that will rid your property of rodents and prevent them from returning. We have experience working with all types of businesses, from hotels, bed and breakfasts, Airbnb properties, restaurants, storage facilities, and more!

Rodent Identification and Extermination

Live Near the Jersey Shore? Get Started with Rodent Control Today

Rodent control can be an extremely frustrating task to a homeowner or business owner, so leave it to our professionals.

Potter Pest has the experience to determine where rodents are gaining access to your property. We use strategically placed traps, baits, and more to capture unwanted rodents and rid them for good. We additionally provide ongoing rodent services, which include setting locked bait stations around your home or commercial property that we regularly check, providing lasting peace of mind.

Rodent Identification and Extermination

If you have questions about our rodent identification, prevention, or extermination services or have concerns you may have about a rodent infestation, contact us by filling out a form or better yet, call us at (732) 284-7707!

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Pest control issues is not only a reputational risk, but a potential health risk for your customers. We have pest control solutions no matter the type of business and keep your property pest-free!

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