Pest Control Services in Brick Township, NJ

Pest Control Services

Comprehensive Pest Prevention and Extermination Services for Brick Township Residents

If you’re a homeowner on the Jersey Shore in Brick Township looking for effective pest control solutions, Potter Pest Control is here to help. For over thirty years, we have been dedicated to ensuring that homes in our community remain pest-free, both indoors and outdoors. Our comprehensive pest control services include year-round property protection with regular visits, targeting pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, ants, bed bugs, and more. We are committed to helping homeowners reclaim their outdoor living spaces by eliminating pests that could disrupt the enjoyment of their homes. Let our experienced team safeguard your property from pests like termites and mice, protecting your home and other structures from potential damage. With Potter Pest Control, you can relax and enjoy your home without any worries about unwanted guests.

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Brick Township Commercial Pest Control Expert

Maintaining your reputation is paramount for any business. A pest infestation has the potential to inflict irreparable harm on your brand. In a bustling town like Brick Township, with a high influx of Jersey Shore visitors, a negative online review could drive away both current and prospective clientele. Our seasoned specialists are adept at swiftly addressing any immediate pest issues and delivering enduring solutions to safeguard your commercial property from infestations. We boast a diverse array of effective pest control solutions tailored for commercial properties, and our extensive experience spans various business types, including small businesses, restaurants, storage and garage facilities, hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, apartment complexes, homeowner associations, schools, and more. Recognizing that each property has distinct needs, we dedicate ourselves to comprehending your property to deploy the most fitting and efficient solutions.

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Pest Control Expert

Brick Township’s Trusted Pest Control Specialist

At Potter Pest Control, we take pride in our long history of helping keep homes and businesses in Brick Township from unwanted pests! So, if you’re looking for reliable extermination and prevention solutions or other pest management services, look no further than Potter Pest Control – it’s what we do best! Please complete a contact form if you have questions about our home treatment plans or need a one-time pest control treatment. Better yet, call us at (732) 284-7707!

Pest Control Services

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Residential Pest Control Expert


We provide our homeowners and property management companies holistic recommendations that keeps their properties pest-free and bite-free.

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Commercial Pest Control Expert


Pest control issues is not only a reputational risk, but a potential health risk for your customers. We have pest control solutions no matter the type of business and keep your property pest-free!

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