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Jersey Shore Pest Control Services

Monmouth and Ocean County Pest Control Specialists

Potter Pest Control has proudly served the Jersey Shore community for three decades, providing pest control services for residents and business owners. The owner and operator, Thomas Scott, serves the Monmouth and Ocean County shore community. As an owner-owned and operated business, you know that you can expect excellent customer service with a personal touch.

Our goal is to make your indoors bug-free, pest-free, and outdoor living spaces bite-free. We provide our customers protection and extermination services for crickets, ants, fleas, ticks, bees, wasps, hornets, stink bugs, Asian ladybird beetles (often mistaken for lady bugs), spiders, rodents, and more! We can even deal with difficult-to-treat insects like bed bugs and termites.

Services We Offer

Residential Services


We provide our homeowners and property management companies holistic recommendations that keeps their properties pest-free and bite-free.

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Commercial Services


Pest control issues is not only a reputational risk, but a potential health risk for your customers. We have pest control solutions no matter the type of business and keep your property pest-free!

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Termites can do serious damage to Jersey Shore homes and business. We can identify and address any termite issues before irreparable damage is done to your home or property.

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Bed bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be a serious issue for any homeowner, rental properties, and hotels if not quickly and properly addressed. Let us help with our prevention services before it’s too late!

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Potter Pest Control has been proudly serving the Jersey Shore community for over three decades providing pest control services for both residents and business owners.

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Commercial Pest Services

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