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Pest Control Protection Plans for Jersey Shore Residents

Bed Bug Infestation And Treatment Service

Residential Pest Control

Potter Pest Control offers comprehensive pest services for residents and property owners living on the Jersey Shore.

After we make sure that we put in place an interior home protection plan, we regularly treat your yard and exterior of your home to keep your home pest-free and yard bite-free. We craft our home protection plans with exterior barrier treatments, typically during seasonal changes (spring, summer, and fall). Our residential services offer clients protection from home invaders like termites, ants, stink bugs, and bed bugs. For our Jersey shore clients who appreciate their outdoor living spaces, we offer yard treatments for biting insects like mosquitos, ticks, wasps, and more.

Jersey Shore’s Leading Provider of Residential Pest Services

Potter Pest Control has served Jersey Shore residents in Monmouth and Ocean Counties for three decades, eliminating problematic pests in and outside of homes.

We offer one-time pest services, year-round property protection, bed bug identification and elimination, and mosquito treatments. For many NJ residents, houses are one of their most important assets, so we ensure no pests such as termites destroy the value and jeopardize your family’s safety by creating structural issues. We can also help protect your home from mice and other small rodents who like to make their way into your home as the weather cools.

Bed Bug Infestation And Treatment Service

Pest Control Company Helps Jersey Shore Residents Enjoy Bite-Free Outdoor Living

Potter Pest Control offers our Jersey Shore residents holistic and regular yard treatments.

There is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy time outside or by the pool and being eaten alive by mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other biting insects. Having a bite-free yard is great for residents and their guests and especially those with pets! We typically recommend monthly yard treatments beginning in late spring and ending in the fall. We treat the entirety of your property, and we guarantee your home’s protection from attics to basements to the vegetation around the edge of your property.

Bed Bug Infestation And Treatment Service

If you have questions about our residential pest control services, contact us by filling out a form or better yet, call us at (732) 284-7707!

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We also deal with other common pests in New Jersey, like fleas, yellowjackets, cockroaches, silverfish, house crickets, spider crickets, centipedes, beetles, fleas, Asian lady beetles, lady bugs, stink bugs, moths, flies, spotted lantern flies, and more. No bugs are out of reach for our pest control specialists!

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